The FEARLESS Book - Shipping June 2015

After 13 years of photography by Jeff Sheng, and 3 years of writing, design and production, FEARLESS will finally become a book and be released in June 2015.  The FEARLESS book is hardcover, 8.5" x 11" vertical, 316 full color pages printed on photographic quality paper, and shows all of the 202 athletes photographed for FEARLESS between 2003-April 2015.  It also features an exclusive afterword essay by retired NBA basketball player Jason Collins, the first player in the NBA to come out as openly gay while still competing.  To capture the diversity of the LGBT community, the book has 8 different speciality covers, each one with a different athlete from FEARLESS, representing the wide spectrum of sport, experience, race/ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation/gender identity of the LGBT sports community.  While each of the 8 covers is different, the inside of everFEARLESS book is the same.  

The book is independently published and designed by Brooklyn-based art/design firm Isometric, and its first print run will only have 2000 copies total, divided among the different covers.  As such, each cover will only have a few hundred copies in its initial print run this summer.  The allocation of books will be first prioritized to the original Kickstarter backers of the book to ensure their cover selections.  The remaining covers will be available for pre-purchase sometime in early June, but will be prioritized to those that use the form below to reserve a copy.  You have no obligation to buy any of the copies that you reserve, but you will just receive an e-mail before pre-sales are available to the public, to allow yourself a brief window to buy and secure the copy of the book(s) you want.  Pricing will be finalized then as well (current estimate is between $40-50 per book).  The books will be shipping in late June depending on your order date. 

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