June 2019: If you are a high school student (or recently graduated), or you are on limited income, thanks from a generous grant from Nike and their BeTrue campaign, we are providing free books and shipping to anyone in high school who requests one. Please use the form here to request a free book, and it will be shipped to you anywhere in the United States within 2-6 weeks depending on when we get your request. We have limited stock, so please request one soon. One book per person, and please spread the word to anyone you know who would like one. If you have the funds to purchase a book, we recommend you do so from Amazon this month for $5 instead, and those books can be shipped by Prime for 2-day shipping.

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We will try to get you your first choice, but will send you a different cover if we run out. You can use the spine color or the athlete/description of the cover your want: