Methodological Note

This website shows every athlete photographed by Jeff Sheng for the Fearless project since 2003, when it first began.  All the photographs taken between 2003–2013 were shot on medium format, 6x7 film. The photographs in 2014 and after were all taken with a digital SLR Nikon D810 Camera.

The titles for the images use first name, sport(s), school, and the year in which the photograph was taken. For high school athletes, the state of their high school is noted and also a varsity distinction if that was told to Jeff at the time of the shoot. Most college athletes are varsity NCAA team athletes, though a few are on club/recreation teams. This distinction is not made in the title for college athletes. In certain cases, select photo shoots were done in the year or two following the athlete’s graduation, but most were done while the athlete was still in school and competing.